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The Foreseen by Noor de Olinad.

37802983.jpgOverview and Synopsis

Lumi lives a secret life in the mountains. Her talents mark her as a seer, but her parents decide to keep her hidden from the Temple and the Oracle, a cadre of interlinked people who are supposed to commune with the gods. Guided by Bror, a spirit-wolf, and Tsigi, a spirit-owl, she grows up free from the dogma adopted by the Temple.

Meanwhile, Astra, the young heir to the kingdom, must grapple with the bloody rite of inheritance. To become Ardrhi (Queen) she must kill her siblings. The two women’s lives are intertwined when ambition gets the better of two key figures; one must go into hiding, the other must travel to the Temple and navigate the politics of that ancient order.

Writing style and the narrator:

The writing is spare; in some instances too spare. It’s best to avoid…

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The Foreseen

I am thrilled to announce the release of my novel The Foreseen. It is now available through all major ebook retailers as well as in print through Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I would LOVE to hear who your favorite characters were, which chapter was your favorite…

Please consider leaving a review after reading The Foreseen. Reviews are the most wonderful gift you could give a writer.

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