Get To Know Me

Hello and welcome to my blog-site!

Allow me to introduce myself:

Name – Noor De Olinad

Gender – Female

Dream job – An Idealist Dreamer scribbling stories

Addictions – Reading and writing

Picture a little girl stumbling out the front door of a library because she can’t see over the pile of books stacked high in her arms. Now, picture the girl a few years later scribbling away stories of courage, honour and the victory of good over evil. That was me. I have been writing since I could hold a pen but I have not shared my work publicly before. 

I am an idealist and a dreamer. I always have been and always will be.

I have a curious mind and am fascinated by the world I live in, especially people.I believe that all people are essentially the same, regardless of their cultural, religious, ethnic or political background. We all have the same basic needs and desires; food, shelter, safety and a desire to love and be loved.

My goal is to promote global harmony by showing that we have far more similarities in common than differences. I like to do this through ethnographic narratives, an enjoyable learning experience. By sharing my observations, I hope to increase understanding and goodwill in the world. This is my dream for humanity – a world of peaceful coexistence where future children  only learn about war from history books.

This blog is intended to familiarise you with my work – books I have published, and works in progress.  

So, take a moment to look at my blog or my facebook page and keep posted for news of upcoming books!



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