Author Page on Amazon

Dear readers,

I now have my own author page in the Author Central section on Amazon which can be viewed at

For your convenience, I have placed a copy of my author bio below:

A proud bookworm, Noor has evolved from being a VIP library member to writing her own books. With a deep seated curiosity about people’s stories and how the world works, Noor’s writing style utilises vivid imagery and delicate sarcasm. An idealist and a dreamer (an idealist dreamer), her humour is ready, sophisticated and often cynical. Loyal and caring, Noor is devoted to her family which includes a cat with expensive taste, and a dog who wants whatever the cat is having. When not maintaining the peace between the pets, Noor is turning her scribbled stories into published books for your convenience. Happy reading!

Visit Noor’s blog-site
and Facebook page


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