How I unintentionally became a self published memoir author…

Dear reader,

So far I have posted updates about the release of my first book ‘Not a Typical Tourist in Israel and Jordan’ but I haven’t really give you background information of how and why I wrote the book in the first place. I have posted a blurb of the book under the tab ‘Not a Typical Tourist in Israel and Jordan’ but this post is more of an explanation of how the book came to be.

Up until this year I never considered myself a writer. don’t get me wrong – I have been scribbling stories and reading them out to family members since I was old enough to talk. I always wrote fiction – the usual story line of good against bad and good ultimately always wins (I like happy endings). It never occurred to me that my first published book would be a memoir…

This is what happened: I was bored with my job, desperate for a change. I decided, on a whim, that I needed to go somewhere ‘exotic’ to have a great adventure. I went to a travel expo and before I knew it, I had booked and paid for a trip to Israel and Jordan. My friends thought I was insane considering the constant unflattering headlines on the news about the Middle East.

I came back to my job and my life but I couldn’t stop thinking about my trip. It’s not like I had something spectacular happen like meeting a Prince from the exotic Middle East and getting whisked away to live happily ever after in a palace. I did what every other tourist who books a tour to Israel and Jordan does. I got on and off a bus numerous times, I took many photos, got blisters on my feet from walking too much in non-walk wear appropriate shoes (the perils of vanity…) but for some reason I kept thinking about my trip. Well, to be more specific I kept thinking about the people I met during my trip.

I had booked a holiday but what I ended up with was an eye opening experience. I felt compelled to write down my memories. At first, it was for my own private recollection, for when I’m old in my rocking chair reminiscing about my youth. My friends kept asking me about my trip, they were curious how a young white woman fared travelling in Israel in and Jordan. I gave them my memories manuscript (it was easier than repeating the story over and over). They said they liked it…

That got me thinking. Maybe, if my friends enjoyed reading it then other people might too? I had never considered publishing, but I thought I might as well give it a go.

After receiving some advice from a former book publisher,I decided to self publish with Amazon KDP. I decided to self publish because my book does not quite fit into any particular genre and it would be hard to market for traditional publishers. Despite that, I have received 5 star reviews on Amazon 🙂

So here I am. A self published unintentional memoir author 🙂

Happy reading!



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