Writing and publishing the book is only the beginning…

So, as a self published indi author (I think indi is short for independent), I am learning that there is a lot to learn about writing a book.

In my naivety I wrote a mini-memoir of my travels in Israel and Jordan, bought and read a copy of ‘Publishing E-Books for Dummies’ and clicked publish on Amazon. That is simply the beginning. Apparently the hard work is not in writing the book, it is in promoting it. Well, here are my efforts to promote it.

I have Facebook page, a blog on Google blogger and on WordPress, and as of last night, after resisting all these years, I finally joined twitter https://twitter.com/Noor_DeOlinad. I guess that officially makes me a Twit who tweets? or is it a twitter who tweets? I have no idea. It’s like learning a new language! My biggest challenge on twitter will be to remain within the 140 characters allocated to you per tweet. As you probably guessed already from my blogs, I love to talk so it will be interesting to see what kind of tweets I will come up with…I may have to commit spelling crimes and write things like ‘gr8t’…

So far my book has received 5 star reviews by readers, and I would love to know what you think of it. 🙂

Now I have to try and figure out how to convert this blog post into a tweet…


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