Born in the wrong era…

Call me old-fashioned but I do so enjoy making eye contact with other humans and engaging in a stimulating conversation. Alas, the art of conversation (and it is an art form which takes skill) is slowly but surely disappearing. But forget conversation, even the basic skill of making eye contact with other people is on its way to extinction. In 50 years we may be watching documentaries about how people used to look at each other and talk instead of texting/messaging/emailing/facebooking/tweeting each other.

You may be wondering what has brought on my lament. Well, it was actually a car with those mini tvs in the back of the driver and passenger seats. And the car with the tv that comes down from the roof. Also, seeing toddlers playing with their parents iphones and unable to engage with people around them using basic and vital communication skills. Not to mention people on trams/trains and buses with their headphones plugged in or watching or playing things on their ipads. If you chance to ask them a question like ‘Excuse me, is the next stop Fictional Station?’ you’ll be lucky if they make eye contact at all. And don’t get me started on the teenagers who sit next to each other having a conversation (without looking at their friend) while listening to music on their ipods in one ear.

Have we really come to this? We have become victims of our own technological advancements. Can we really not go anywhere in a car without watching tv? Can we not talk to another person without listening to music at the same time? What happened to playing games of i-spy looking out the window of a car or train?

You might be thinking I am a grumpy old woman with 30 cats complaining about today’s youth. Well, not quite although I do have a cat..and a dog. I am 26 and find myself bewildered by the extent of technology taking over our lives. Perhaps I am the only person under 50 lamenting the good old days? I was probably born in the wrong era…


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