‘Not A Typical Tourist in Israel and Jordan’ book quotes and snapshots

It can be quite difficult deciding whether to buy a book or not. A blurb gives you some idea of the plot line, reviews let you know if others have enjoyed it and a sample allows you to decide for yourself if you will like it or not. But let’s face it, samples are often several pages long and you might be pressed for time and just want a quick sharp sample before making your decision.

That’s when I thought, what if I start posting short sample paragraphs and quotes from my book? Then people could get a feel for the writing style, tone and what the book is about in a quick and easy way.

So here is the first quote 🙂

‘There is something alluring and seductive about Jerusalem. It is as though it is shrouded by a veil of mystery that promises adventure, exotic spices and souks (charming open aired markets).’

Happy Reading!

P.S. ‘Not A Typical Tourist in Israel and Jordan’ is available on Amazon, through my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NoorDeOlinad and also can be purchased directly from me through an email or message request.


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