My Utopia – consideration for others

I have always been an idealist dreamer, even as a child, and I suspect it will never change. Now, as an adult, I often find myself thinking about the state of the world around me and what I would do if I had the power to change it. Usually this is a reaction to something I see or hear or experience that conflicts with my inner sense of what my ideal world is like.

I thought to myself, just wishing the world is different will not make it so. Instead, I am going to try to think of a potential and realistic alternative to the incidents that cause me to dream of my utopia.

The incident that prompted this blogpost occurred a couple of days ago while my father and I were driving around 11 am. It was a busy main street but the traffic wasn’t bad and the cars were all moving along nicely. Suddenly we heard the loud siren of an ambulance several cars behind us so we we immediately moved lanes to clear the way for the ambulance. I am happy to say that most of the cars around us did the same and the ambulance progressed. Not all the cars did so though. some of the cars further ahead did not bother to move until the ambulance had to slow down behind them and halt it’s speedy progress to go help the poor individual waiting for it.

I watched those cars wondering why they didn’t move. They simply kept going, at the speed limit, in a leisurely fashion until the ambulance had been forced to follow them for about a minute and then they switched lanes to clear the way. Their path was not obstructed in any way. They had plenty of room to move into another lane or at the very least speed up because they had a clear road ahead of them. I was disgusted. If it had been their family member waiting for assistance from the ambulance, I’m sure they would have liked cars on the road to clear the way for the ambulance. But no. They were not in a hurry to move.

Well, here is my proposition. Instead of leaving ambulances at the mercy of traffic and obnoxious individuals, why not have an ambulance/police/firetruck lane on every road? In my Utopia, it is logical to have a lane on every street dedicated for the brave people who come to our aid. Cyclists have their own lane. Even buses have their own lanes on some streets. So why not a lane for our social services?

What do you think? should we have a lane dedicated to such services?


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