My Utopia: Politician Free Governments

I was reading an article for one of my Masters degree subjects and came across this paragraph:

Research by Hibbing and Theiss-Morse found that citizens favor reforms that insulate politicians from special interests. They want a government run by non-self-interested experts, a system called “stealth democracy”.

Imagine that – non-self-interested experts running our country. For example – to be the Minister of Economy you must hold a PhD in economics, have worked in the area of economics and finance and be considered an expert in your field by your peers and colleagues. The Minister for Health must be a health professional – a nurse, or doctor, and have worked in the public health sector so they actually know what happens in hospitals and medical clinics. And so on for all of the government positions. Then, just maybe, we might have people who are not so out of touch with reality and whose only skill is not flinging insults at the opposition and lying while looking you in the eye.

Imagine that.

‘What Voters Want From Political Campaign Communication’

Political Communication, 22:337–354
Copyright  2005 Taylor & Francis Inc.
ISSN: 1058-4609 print / 1091-7675 online


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