My Utopia – An environmentally conscious nation and government

The modern world we have created full of skyscrapers, fast paced life style and city dwellers have left us very much out of touch with nature. We are so disconnected with the natural cycle and rhythm of the plant and animal world that for years we have ravaged the earth and driven many animals towards extinction. We consume products without thinking about how they were made or what happens to them when we throw them in our rubbish bins.

The sad reality is that although we manage to recycle some of our rubbish, most of it ends up in landfills. Except that is, for Sweden.

Sweden is good at recycling that it now has to buy other nation’s rubbish to recycle. 99% of rubbish in Sweden is recycled and only 1% ends up in landfill. Think about that for a moment. 99% of rubbish recycled. That is an outstanding achievement. But Sweden is still not satisfied and is aiming for 0 waste.

Now that is an attitude that all governments and nations should be adopting. Imagine what that would do to our world. It might just help our battle against global warming.

I will include links to articles for those of you interested in learning more about this. It is a fascinating subject.

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