‘Not A Typical Tourist in Israel and Jordan’

Do you suffer from a curious mind? Fancy a bit of a laugh? Yes? Read on!

This book is for people who want to know what life is really like behind the headlines, brave souls who aren’t afraid to challenge prejudice, stereotypes and myths that have been so propagated they have sadly become accepted as common knowledge.

Experience the exotic Middle East through the eyes of a naïve traveller, all from the comfort of your own living room. You get to enjoy all the good bits while skipping all the annoying bits of travel like jetlag…

Not A Typical Tourist in Israel and Jordan is available for sale on Amazon and other major ebook retailers.



Here is a little sample for your enjoyment:

I suppose most of us like to think of ourselves as open minded, non-judgemental people. I certainly like to think of myself that way – after all, I had majored in cultural anthropology at university, and lived in several very different countries. It never occurred to me that I might have developed some prejudice as a result of what I was constantly bombarded with by the media.

I planned my vacation to Israel and Jordan with much excitement, and if I was to be completely honest – a little apprehension. Every time the Middle East features on Australian news it is another headline of civil war, terrorist attacks, car bombs, abductions, military oppression…you get the idea. What I actually found were people just like me and the people from Australia. You have nice people, snobby people, short-tall-skinny-fat people, flirts, academics, religious and secular people…So I wondered, what is it that makes us different?

I have always felt that people are essentially the same, but it was just instinctual.  So I observed, and I watched the locals during my travels and my instincts proved right. I learned from them that the essence of the human spirit transcends borders and cultural barriers (which we create), and the human spirit is capable of kindness, even to foreigners like me in their land. So you see, we are not so very different after all…

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